Stay with us ... and dream.

Stay with us ... and dream.

Stay with us ... and dream.Stay with us ... and dream.Stay with us ... and dream.

Come to your best home away from home!

About Us



Enjoy a complimentary Fresh & Hot Buffet Breakfast in the dining area.  The dining area is also a lounge for our guest to use to relax with a book, tea and coffee, and a variety of snacks are available for purchase at our canteen.



We offer a variety of amenities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Cable is available in every room ... and yes, we provide complimentary high-speed internet access.  Oh, almost forgot ... bring fido!  Please call the Hotel for more information on rate & weight size limit.


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Whether this is your first visit, or you have been a guest many times, we want your experience to be excellent. Our staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 


HOTEL Policy

Check-In time is 3:00 pm to 1:00 am PST.  Early Check-In is only offered depending on availability and includes a fee; ask for details.

This property is privately owned and management and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Hotel is not responsible for accidents/injury to any guests/visitors including personal items.  We have a No Refund Policy.

Hotel Amenities (not Guest room amenities) are a free service, not included with your hotel stay charge/fees; therefore are subject to closure - downtime - maintenance - suspension; without notice.  Only hotel Maintenance Department has knowledge of closures.

Hotel Le Rêve Pasadena assumes no responsibilities of Guest(s) forgotten, lost and/or stolen money, jewels, or any other valuables.  Hotel does not store items left behind by Guests; but under rare circumstances we hold-on to certain items which incur a “storage fee” of ($80-USD) Eighty Dollars per day.  After 3 days items will be donated and/or discarded if not claimed.  Uniform Commercial Code § 1-308

You agree that your liability for all charges during your stay is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, guest, company, visitor, association or credit card issuer fails to pay for any part and/or the full amount of accrued charges.  California Penal Code § 484-502.9

All Credit Card reservations are subject to a Hotel Pre-Authorization of one hundred dollars plus one night stay with tax to validate credit card and reservation guarantee service; either on or before Arrival Date.  We only accept Credit Card payments.  Reservations made 52 weeks in advance are subject to approval and are NOT guaranteed (OS/PMS algorithm parameters).

Credit card "reservation name" and credit card raised-imprinted "name" must match; any discrepancies with funds or name match is subject to cancellation at Hotel discretion without notice.

Cancellation Policy:  If reservation is cancelled or modified before 4:pm PST on date of arrival, no fee will be charged.   If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the first night plus tax will be charged.

Online Travel Agent reservations have a:

NO Cancellation - NO Change - NO Modification - NO Refund ... Policies; contact your travel agent for further terms & conditions.

Noise-free rooms are NOT guaranteed.  All offers, promotions, coupons and discount cannot be combined.

Special Event Dates Cancellation Policy:  Must be requested 3 days in advance.  If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the first night plus tax will be charged.

Rose Parade/Rose Bowl Cancellation Policy:  Must be requested 7 days in advance.  If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the 1st - 2nd & 3rd night plus tax will be charged; due to (3) night minimum fee Policy.  Please contact Hotel Front Desk for further terms & conditions fees; before making your reservation.

Be advised that all reservations made via Online Travel Agent (OTA) … Cancellation/No-Show policies are doubled for regular days, special events and Rose Parade/Bowl week.  Contact your Travel Agent for further details before making your reservation.

All reservations made for Guest Rooms with two queen beds (double) ... but only reflect or declares one/two Guest's on reservation; is subject to be changed to a Guest Room with one king bed (single) at Hotel discretion without notice.

Guest Complaints must be in writing and submitted within thirty (30) minutes from your CheckIN time; complaints made on date of departure are rarely adjudicated.  Forms are available at Front Desk.  Note, only the General Manager has the authority to review, address and/or comment on outcome.  Responses, actions and/or adjudication are provided within 3 business days or sooner.  All forms must be submitted during your visit and in person with Hotel Front Desk - NO exceptions.  Forms "must" have all fields filled-in to be considered.

Photocopies, Faxes, Business Center Printing and/or other Hotel Services are provided for a fee - please inquire with Front Desk Clerk.

Cash Guests are required to present some legal & acceptable form of identification with photograph; including a deposit for incidentals of One Hundred Fifty ($150) Dollars.  Cash Guest Deposit can only be collected at check-out and can only be requested by registered guest; NO exceptions.  You agree to forfeit your deposit if smoking cigarettes or cannabis in guest room, damages (e.g.: towels), missing room items and/or attempting to collect deposit at a later time after check-out.

Incidental(s) is defined as follows: Anything beyond the hotel room rate is considered an incidental charge. This includes: telephone charges, damage/trashed deep cleaning fee, un-registered pet fees, penalties, storage, failure to pay-on-time fee and other such amenities, fees and services. Generally, incidentals are charged to the credit card (and/or cash) used during Check-IN at Front Desk.

Breakfast is FREE for all declared guest's registered at check-in ... Hot & Fresh Breakfast Buffet is available from 6:30 am to 9:30 am.  Breakfast food and drinks are not allowed to leave dining are and are subject to a $12 each plate fee.  Use of the microwave is provided to all registered guest 24 hours a day.  Round the clock complimentary coffee, tea and hot water is provided to register Guests only; except between 10:am & Noon for cleaning.  Hotel does not provide any items, amenities, utensils/napkins, food, drinks, et cetera ... outside of breakfast time.

Check-Out time is 11:00 am. If you anticipate a delay in departure, please make prior arrangements with Front Desk before Check-Out time.  Anything after 1:00 pm is considered an additional stay at Best Available Rate and will be charged accordingly.  All Guests are required to agree, read & obey “all” posted signs.  California Civil Code § 1865

All DISCOUNTS are lost when paying late and/or extending your stay without informing Front Desk at 11:am.  If you are not EXTENDING your stay and your personal items are left in room; you will be charged for an additional night at regular rate. Items will be bagged/removed.

For billing and accounting purposes ... one "night-stay" is defined as follows:  Today's date till 3:00 am PST the next morning.  Check-In time is between 3:pm & 3:am.

Check-Out time is 11:00 am the day after your reservation arrival date.  Any Guest electing to check in "on or after" 3:01 am; must still check out at 11:00 am same calendar date (hotel time sign in date) -- no exceptions.

There is a ($50) fifty dollars Early-Departure Fee; please notify Front Desk no later than 11:am the day before your departure date to avoid additional fees.  All Reservations made thru an Online Travel Agent (travel agent) are subject to "other" terms & conditions; contact your agent for details.  California Civil Code § 1865

Pets (i.e. dogs) are welcomed here at Hotel Le Reve ... Pet Fee is $30+taxUSD -- per pet per night: except during Pasadena Dog Show in so long dogs are kept inside a carrier.

Pets must never be left unattended in rooms (barking); to avoid possible removal by animal control.  Anyone found with a pet that was not listed or declared during check-in will be charged the additional pet charge fee; including loss of all Hotel Rate discounts.

NO pets within 25' of Guest Room Doors or Walkways.  Guest must pick-up ALL pet waste; NO exceptions.  Pet "duty" is only provided near front parking lot grass area.  Pet stains or damages will result in a ($150) one hundred fifty dollar Deep Cleaning Fee; NO exceptions.  Sorry, no cats are allowed.  All pet charges are taxable per City Code.  Weight and Size limits do apply; please call Hotel Front Desk for information before making your reservation.

Be advised, Service Dog owners will be asked to answer two questions on a ADA Form at check-in to determine eligibility.  ADA law does "not" recognize or accept "emotional" and/or "comfort" as a service dog requirement.

Please be aware, that all Guests traveling with pets, must keep animal food in a air-tight sealed plastic container to prevent ants in your room.

Hotel does not compensate for ants when "food" is left unattended in Guest Room; especially during summer seasons -- ants sometimes come-in to rooms with or without food been present.

Hotel Le Rêve Pasadena is a smoke & drug free environment.  To ensure this is always the case, there is a fee $150 for smoking in one of our Rooms; and a fee of $300 for smoking in one of our Presidential Suites.  NO SMOKING in or around guest rooms; please use Smoking Area.

Marijuana smokers, regardless if legal or illegal, (including drug users) will be banned from Hotel indefinitely and escorted off the property by Pasadena Police Officers; all payments and deposits will be lost -- NO refunds.

Guest's are encouraged to notify Hotel Front Desk immediately, if they see other patrons smoking in undesignated area, smell cigarettes coming from other guest rooms and/or if "your" guest room smells like cigarettes (smoke) to avoid been charged for smoking in our guest room.  If "your" guest room smells like smoke; it must be reported by the first 30 minutes of check in time stamp.

Due to the popularity of our room amenities, which are now offered for sale, registered Guests are responsible for maintaining the room in its entirety and room items.  All rooms are inspected daily.  If you should need a detailed list & price list of what your room has, call the Front Desk.  Should you decide to deface, personalize, tamper, damage and/or take any items from your room instead of purchasing them from Front Desk, we will assume your approval of corresponding charges/fees to your Guest Room account. California Penal Code § 484-502.9

Guest room "towels" are for bathing use only.  Do not use on floors, spills, hair coloring, shoes et cetera ... dirty and/or stained towels will be charged to Guest Account at check out.

All guest rooms are checked physically by two Hotel employee (plus manager when the need arises to document with digital pictures) … when a Guest checks-out and leaves.  Guest Rooms found with waste strewn around, in complete disorder, and/or “trashed” will be subject to maintenance deep cleaning fee, administration fee and/or third party contractor fee.  Contact Hotel Manager for price list.

No parties, loud disturbances and/or noise-nuisance are allowed or tolerated on these premises.  Registered Guest(s) is responsible for all persons visiting.  If found with more "people" not listed on Guest Registration Form (count) your stay will be considered a party.  You will be ordered to vacate the premises without refund.  Non-Registered visitors are only permitted till 10:00 pm.  Reported disturbances incur a ($100) one hundred dollar Processing Fee, Guest Compensation Disturbance Fee and loss of Deposit and removal from Hotel assisted by Pasadena Police Department. Pasadena Municipal Code §9.36 & California Penal Code § 369(a)-402(c)

Phone charges will be computed at Check-Out; local calls are considered at a 1.5 mile radius and 800 numbers - are free.  This does not apply to cell phone numbers dialed and/or dial up internet connections due to other charges implemented by Cell Phone Company & ISP agreement.  A phone deposit is required from all cash guest at check-in.  All operator assisted phone calls and 411 calls are charged at $7.00 USD each minute and regular phone calls are $5.00 USD each minute.

Parking is FREE, one per Registered Guest Room; $25 each additional vehicle if space is available on peak seasons and special events.  Street parking is permitted but will require a city parking permit; which the Hotel does not provide.  Hotel can accommodate one bus or 53’ tractor-trailer; please call in advance before making reservation to confirm availability - first come first serve.  All your vehicle(s) must be listed at check in. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at owner’s expense.  NO vehicle repairs or washing / cleaning on Hotel premises.  Parking on premises is “at your own risk” understanding.  NO PARKING IN CENTER ISLE; RESERVED.

Swimming Pool is open from sunrise to sunset.  Spa Area/ Sauna / Whirlpool are open from 4:00pm to 11:00pm. These facilities are available for guests only; including Fitness Room.  Alcohol beverages and glassware are not allowed; NO smoking.  Please read all posted signs at entrance.  Whirlpool temperature is set at 104 degrees per Pasadena City Ordinance.  Whirlpool is heated from 4:pm to 10:pm by automated timer.  Be advised that hotel amenities are not guaranteed and/or considered a guest room amenity included in nightly rate during your stay.

Promotional offers are for specific room TYPES and/or DAYS of the week; RESERVATIONS will be VERIFIED and ADJUSTED for compliance at Hotel discretion.  Correct EMAIL and PHONE number is needed on all reservations in the event of NONCOMPLIANCE; or your reservation is subject to cancellation without notice.  Discount OFFERS are NOT available during Special Events and/or Rose Parade week.

Special offers are available online ONLY; and NOT valid with other discounts or offers.

Failure to pay and/or secure payment on time, for any and/or all incidences, will result in forfeiture of any and all discounts associated with your stay.  Room charges will be reverted to Best Available Rate statute as dictated by law; including forfeiture of deposits.  All discounts and deposits will be lost and/or charged if guest room is left in disarray beyond normal use -- fee starts at $150 USD.  California Penal Code § 528-539

"Best Available Rate" is defined as regular price for each night stay without any discounts, promotions, or specials:

֎ Singles and Doubles are $500.ooUSD (normal days) and $1000.ooUSD (special event days).

֎ Suites are $800.ooUSD (normal days) and $4000.ooUSD (special event days).

All rates shown do not include City of Pasadena Occupancy Hotel Room Tax.

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